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Our Story

Hello!  My name is Elizabeth McComsey, and I am the creator of Frankin’ Beautiful.  I created this skincare line because after having 4 kids, my skin needed a bit of a boost.  I had a belly full of stretchmarks, spider veins on my legs, I lost almost all of my eyelashes and I had dimples in places that were NOT cute with dimples!  I started looking for products that could help my skin without breaking the bank, and that had ingredients that wouldn’t cause problems for my sensitive skin.  As you can imagine, I didn’t have much luck.  I decided that I was going to create my own products that had “high-end” ingredients without the “high-end” price tag, and that I knew would be safe, natural and lacking unnecessary “filler” ingredients, artificial fragrances or questionable chemicals. It wasn’t long before my bookshelf started looking like that of a Bio-Chemistry major, and my kitchen became ground zero with an explosion of butters, oils, powders and my grandmother’s 50-year-old Sunbeam hand-mixer that had suddenly found new life.  (Fortunately, I have an incredibly supportive husband who was excited to see how my experiments would evolve.)


After quite a bit of research, one thing became clear: Frankincense (or at least the Boswellic Acid in Frankincense) is a miracle ingredient for skin.  Multiple scientific studies have demonstrated that not only can the different boswellic acids help skin to heal, they are able to reverse some effects of sun damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, lighten age spots, scars and even out skin tone, while also improving skin elasticity. (…not to mention the ongoing studies showing their abilities to fight different types of cancer.) WOW! Right??  There was just one serious drawback: it is not easily absorbed into skin. Darn!


OK. Challenge: Accepted.

After even more research, trial and error and determination, we were able to use laboratory equipment and nanotechnology to transform whole frankincense resin into a formulation that could make it past the lipid barrier and into skin where it can work its “frankin’” magic.  It is on this “breakthrough” emulsion that we have based our skincare line.  It is important that we begin with whole resin, and not just the essential oil for frankincense, because the boswellic acids are not present in the essential oil.  Because you should only use the best ingredients on your skin, we use the finest, sustainably harvested resins in our products.


Elizabeth Anne.jpg

Each one of our skincare products is carefully crafted to address a particular troublesome area, or a specific skin issue.  I was able to make significant improvements with each of the issues I listed above and more.   As we continue to perfect even more products, I invite you to join our mailing list to learn about these new products as they are released.  I appreciate you taking the time to read about my skincare journey, and I hope that you too can benefit from the power of Frankincense.

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