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Frankin' Balm

Why We LOVE Frankin' Beautiful!


  • We only use natural ingredients.
  • We don't use any parabins, preservatives or unnecessary fillers.
  • Frankincense, our key ingredient present in each one of our products, is also known as "Liquid Gold" for your skin. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years to keep skin looking beautiful.  (It was even used by Cleopatra!)
  • Each product is specially formulated, and packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and ingredients that hydrate and protect skin cells and promote cell regeneration.

Frankin' Balm

  • Our Frankin' Balm is just that… The Frankin' BOMB!  We wanted to create something that had our "Secret Frankin' Sauce" in a super high concentration, that people would be able to use however they want.  We combined our special sauce, made from Boswellia Sacra Green Hojari Organic Frankincense Resin, with Mango Butter and other nourishing ingredients.  The result is this amazing balm that works perfectly as a lip balm, (and it tastes great too!) as a way to tame unruly tresses, as an intense overnight wrinkle/spot cream, or for whatever else you can come up with!  This has a very high Boswellic Acid content, so the benefits are endless.

  • We typically ship wholesale orders within one week.  

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